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Tagging, A Problem That Is Not Going Away PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Thursday, 07 December 2006 18:00

I see the tagging starting up again. If you drive down Lake Street from Hiawatha Ave., towards Bloomington Ave, you can see the damages along the sides of buildings from one end to the other. Garages towards 42nd and Bloomington have been hit really hard, with tagging over tagging. I noticed this morning that a side of a vehicle had also become a target.

Winter Parking Ban is Lifted! PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Friday, 05 March 2010 10:23

Council member Meg Tuthill notified constituents that the winter parking ban had been lifted.


We are happy to inform you that the Winter Parking Restrictions have been lifted as of 10:00am today! Conditions have improved enough to allow emergency vehicles to navigate the majority of our streets. 

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Mayor Rybak to Craft Supplemental City Budget for 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 08:13

Mayor, Council President send message to City employees in wake of governor’s proposed $29-million cut to City

February 16, 2010 (MINNEAPOLIS) – Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak today announced that he will begin crafting a supplemental 2010 budget for the City of Minneapolis.


Mayor Rybak made the announcement in a joint message with Council President Barbara Johnson to City employees. 



In December 2009, the City Council passed a structurally-balanced budget for the City’s 2010 fiscal year (which is the 2010 calendar year). However, a supplemental budget became necessary yesterday when Governor Pawlenty proposed cutting approximately $29 million in Local Government Aid to Minneapolis in 2010. That proposal comes on top of another $21-million cut in LGA that Governor Pawlenty unallotted in 2009.


That $50-million combined cut represents 56% of the amount of LGA that Minneapolis was certified to receive in 2010.


Below is the text of the message from Mayor Rybak and Council President Johnson to City employees.



“As you have probably heard, yesterday Governor Tim Pawlenty released his proposal to close a $1.2-billion deficit in the state’s budget. His proposal includes about $250 million in cuts to communities throughout the state.


“Governor Pawlenty’s proposal would take another $29 million out of Minneapolis’ 2010 budget. As you may recall, last year Governor Pawlenty already cut Minneapolis’ 2010 budget by $21 million, but the $29-million cut that he proposed yesterday comes on top of that. Combined, those $50 million in cuts represent a 56% cut in the Local Government Aid that Minneapolis was supposed to receive from the State in 2010.


“We are so proud of the work each of our City employees does every day to keep the people of Minneapolis safe, our neighborhoods thriving and our city clean and livable. We have all done so much to weather these tough economic times. We have found new, innovative ways to provide core services.


“As Minneapolis’ elected leadership, the last thing we want to do is cut core city services. Through each of the State’s budget cuts to Minneapolis we have done whatever we can to maintain our basic city services.


“However, the Governor’s current proposal would be extremely damaging to the City, and comes at a time when we have already been cutting our services to the bone.


“We are proud of the work we have done as a City to streamline City services, find efficiencies and eliminate more than $116 million in debt. During that time the State’s spending has increased at a far greater rate than the City’s. 


“At this point we do not know how the State Legislature will approach the Governor’s proposal to fix the Minnesota’s budget crisis and what cuts the City of Minneapolis may actually realize. However, we have learned from experience how important it is to act quickly to minimize the impact later on.


“For this reason, the Mayor’s office has begun work to develop a proposal to the City Council for a supplemental 2010 budget. This process is at its earliest stages, and we will provide you with updates along the way.


“Thank you in advance for working with us to help deal with these State cuts. We know the cuts we need to make will be significant, and we want you to be a part of the process as we move forward. Now more than ever we need to be innovative and bring our best ideas to the table.”

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The Protectors PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Wednesday, 09 August 2006 18:00
As day turned into night, the florescent words jumped off the computer screen while their fingers moved quickly across the keyboard. The radio was as busy as the activity on the streets. Some people love to hate them, but most welcome their presence. I am speaking of our men and women in blue, the Minneapolis police.
Food for the Soul: 13th Annual CARAG Chilly Chili Fest PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Monday, 01 March 2010 09:53

Sunday, February 28th, was so beautiful outside I hesitated to head inside to cover a story.  Fortunately it's a journey I'm glad I made.  Upon stepping inside the Bryant Square Park Recreation Center I was greeted immediately by the friendly face of a woman I didn't know with a warm welcome.  The aroma of some chili cooking and the sounds of lively activity filled the air.  Adult and children were filing in to help support the 13th Annual CARAG Chilly Chili Fest, the proceeds of which were going to support the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf.

Everyone was fabulous; some of the friendliest people I've met in a long time.  This was especially surprising considering I didn't know anyone at this event.  By the end I walked away having met so many new people.

I shot a little video that you can view below.  I decided to take some pictures of the volunteers working in the kitchen and I was so happy to see Meg Tuthill, one of the newly elected council members, cooking in the kitchen.  For those who may not know, Meg is the newly elected representative for Ward 10.  This was the first time I'd seen an elected official toiling at a charity event.  Most of the time they’re present more in the "meet and greet" role, as though we should be glad they graced us with their presence.  How refreshing to see a city leader truly working in the community with no lights, camera or fanfare.  Tuthill seems like the real deal.

The chili was so enticing; I had to purchase a bowl.  You probably can't tell from the video, but it was pretty dang good.  If I hadn't been in public I would have been tempted to lick the bowl clean.

View video below:

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Silence: Dave Bicking, the CRA and Chief Dolan's Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Monday, 08 February 2010 20:54

"Lying is done with words and also with silence."  Adrienne Rich

A couple weeks ago the New Broom Coalition held a forum.  The topic to be discussed was why Chief  Dolan should not be re-appointed.  Some controversy has arisen regarding Civilian Police Review Authority (CRA) member Dave Bickings participation in the forum.  CRA Chair Don Bellfield sent an email to Bicking a day before the forum was to occur basically telling Dave not to participate.  Dave forwarded a link to me to the 19 page pdf, in their own words, "presents in detail the Minneapolis Civilian Police Review Authority’s input and participation in the performance review of the Minneapolis Chief of Police. It is the Authority’s first ever participation in the performance review process of the police chief and it addresses problems and issues as well as gives feedback, suggests areas of improvement and makes recommendations of actions which should be undertaken to preserve, improve and expand upon the relationship between the Minneapolis Police Department and the Minneapolis Civilian Police Review Authority."




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Hammer and Sweets PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 11:29

On Saturday February 20th Welna II Hardware and the new Cake Eater Bakery joined forces for the first of two fundraisers for Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG).  For the event Welna II agreed to pay for the ingredients and the Cake Eater bakers, Sheela and Emily, baked the delicious cup cakes.  A second event at Welna II Hardware is scheduled for Saturday, March 13th starting at noon and going until they run out.  Last December Cake Eater Bakery provided treats at Welna II Hardware during the Franklin Frolic and according to neighbors they disappeared very quickly.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 February 2010 11:46
City Officials Swearing In Ceremony: A Kinder & Gentler Minneapolis? PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Sunday, 10 January 2010 23:47

On January 4th, three newly elected Minneapolis council members joined their ten re-elected council members and the Mayor in a swearing in ceremony at City Hall.  The crowd gathered was made up of mainly family members, City employees and the media.  They're all expected to serve four year terms, that is unless the Mayor actually gets elected to the Governor's post.  Heaven help us! 

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Failure To Appear: Somali’s Seeking Apology And Action PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Saturday, 20 February 2010 22:52

Recently local media outlets reported that an assistant Hennepin County attorney was accused of making disparaging comments online on her Facebook page. 


Whether the allegations are true or false, the story raised concern among the Somali community, leading to a press conference that was held Friday, February 18th (which you can view below).  Organizers wished to address the situation with Hennepin county Attorney, Mike Freeman.  Freeman had agreed to meet with the elders to address their concerns.  According to Adirizk Bihi.   The morning of the press conference they were contacted to reschedule the meeting for Thursday and this time with only some of the elders.

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