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Moore v. Hoff: A Super Hero in Court Pt 1

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Many of our readers will recall the on-going melodrama that seems to swirl around Northside bully blogger John Hoff aka Johnny Northside.  Monday, February 7th, Hoff made an appearance in court in the defamation and tortious interference with a contract case, Jerry Moore vs. Don Allen, John Hoff.



For those who haven’t felt every bump in the road, Don Allen is no longer a defendant in the civil suit that seems to be the oldest case on Judge Denise R. Reilly docket.  For Allen’s part, he and Moore settled recently, leaving Hoff to face Judge Reilly alone.  As Lady Luck would have it, Allen was sitting with Moore and his counsel  at the pretrial hearing.


It seems John couldn’t wait to comment on his blog concerning the latest twist and turn from Monday’s pretrial hearing.  Oddly Hoff’s subject matter wasn’t about what occurred during the hearing itself, but a legal “threat” made by Allen:


Johnny Northside! said...


Received a threat from Don Allen today, in open court before Judge Denise Reilly, that he was going to file a "harassment restraining order" against me for trying to expose this outrageous boondoggle of public tax monies.

Sigh. Digging in this crap is such a thankless task. So why can't I stop?

Oh, wait.

Because I love doing it so much.


February 7, 2011 6:31 PM  



Reading Hoff’s blog accounts on his site might lead unwitting readers to believe that he’s some sort of superman, sweeping crime and criminals from the streets of the Minneapolis Northside in order to create an ultimate Urban Utopia, but the reality doesn’t seem so cut and dried. 



Hoff brags about driving around his neighborhood yelling insults at women he suspects are prostitutes and snapping pictures or taking videos of alleged crack heads, or anyone else he deems undesirable.



I’ve yet to be convinced that his caustic efforts are any more effective than more civilized methods or more importantly that the end result justifies his means. 



It doesn’t seem to matter to Hoff whether or not his accusations have been proven in a court of law, because he has the Law on his side, at least in theory.  Anyone reading his blog can see photo opportunities with him and the who’s who of Minneapolis politics.  The same people he uses to bolster his notoriety use him to do their dirty work, keeping their hands clean in the process.  Politically savvy politicians make certain that Hoff is kept at arm’s length.  But to be certain, he’s never more than a phone call away.



But soon the picture might be clearer, because Hoff has placed many of them on his list of defense witnesses.  When this trial finally begins, we’ll see if Superman is as indispensable to our Police Commissioner Henderson as the Commissioner is to Superman. 


Just prior to the hearing, Hoff exited the elevator alone, saw those who had gathered for his latest performance and immediately made a call for help.  His claim, electronic recording devices were being illegally employed outside the courtroom.



Ironically the same scenario didn’t bother him when he posted pictures that were taken in the hallway outside the TJ Waconia hearing.  No big deal right?  I’d have to agree, but as we’ve seen over and over again, he only seems concerned with legality when it works to his advantage.  Case in point, while he was sitting in on the old JACC vs. new JACC hearings, he ignored the admonition barring soft drink and disruptive shout outs, during the hearing he noisily pulled a digital camera out of a box, laying it out on the courtroom floor.  But as I’ve stated, rules only apply to those with whom Hoff takes issue.




A few seconds later a Hennepin County deputy arrived, walked past and went into the courtroom.



A once over of Hoff’s attire seemed to validate the saying, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client", because this fool chose to wear army boots with his pants tucked in, and an old, well worn varsity-type sweater.  I've seen him dress better sitting in the gallery.  Perhaps this was his attempt to show the judge that he was too busy fighting evil doers to dress appropriately for the Court.  I half expected Clark Kent to duck into a phone booth and emerge a super hero, or perhaps a super attorney.



Well perhaps I should say a super almost attorney, since he attended law school, but couldn't actually be bothered with passing the bar exam.  Hoff’s a wily old fox, he knows if he passes the bar he might actually have to bear a fair share of his child’s financial support.  If you've missed my previous columns dealing with John the Father, you know that paying the princely sum of $50 per month is anathema to our would-be super hero.  With such dogged defense of his community, he can’t be expected to support his progeny too.  After all, he is only superhuman.



The hearing was short.  Jill Clark,Esq was present representing Jerry Moore, with Don Allen seated at the table with them,  and John Hoff was present representing himself.


Judge Reilly began the proceedings by addressing Allen’s settlement with Moore.  She then proceeded to address Hoff’s request for a stay under the Service Members Civil Relief Act as Mr. Hoff had told the judge he was and had been on active duty.


Judge Reilly addressed his request by citing the “Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act”

50 U.S.C. App. § 522

a.  A statement as to how the SM’s current military duties materially affect his ability to appear, and stating a date when the SM will be available to appear, and

b.  A statement from the SM's commanding officer stating that

(1)    the SM's current military duty prevents his appearance and

(2)   military leave is not authorized for the SM at the time of the statement.



The Judge made sure Hoff had a copy, and  rescheduled the hearing for Thursday February 10th, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. allowing Hoff time to  produce a letter from a Commanding officer. 


Hoff said that he has been on active duty, and had to beg off to appear in court that day, but had not managed to beg off anything else.  Hoff continued to say that he could certainly make efforts to procure the letter.  


Hoff eventually tried to press the judge to give him an exact trial date.  She explained why she could not do that and then gave Don Allen an opportunity to speak.  Allen addressed the fact that he had just filed a harassment order against Mr. Hoff that morning.



Hoff blurted out; an objection to Allen’s statement, claiming it was irrelevant to the proceedings.  Judge Reilly quickly stopped him allowing Allen to continue. 


When the court was dismissed, Hoff exited in true superhero form, escorted by the deputy to the elevators.  We were asked kindly by the deputy if we would stand back behind the wall and allow him a couple of minutes to make his latest escape.



Hoff’s sidekick, Megan Goodmundson, was waiting down below with the motor running.  Ironically, Hoff, who was so fearful for his safety that he required a police escort from the courtroom, waited around with his coconspirator Megan.  According to Megan’s posting later on her blog NoMi Passenger, they were still hanging around outside nearly a half an hour after John’s armed escort from the Hennepin County Government Center:


An Open Letter to Don Allen of IBNN News (And Other Blogs)

Normally, I reserve this space for all that is good in north Minneapolis. We have an endless calendar of social events and fun times that make for some half way decent photo blogging, but today calls for something more dark and serious here. Sorry in advance.

Dear Don Allen,

Give it up. Your anonymous JHG schtick is up. You are the only one left believing that there is a single person reading your crap that can't put two and two together and easily realize who is behind the controls at JHG.  Yeah, sure, tomorrow you are gonna blog about another wild crazy accusation that is wrong, so wrong. You are nothing if not predictable.

I'm sure you've had some help from your malcontent misfit friends.  It was even pretty clever what you tried to do yesterday with your stock quote thingy.  Too bad it was so transparent.  Too bad you were out of the court building by 2:15pm.  {I saw ya, in the red Jeep with Terry, I waved. You didn't wave back :( } (Emphasis added)

Don, no one is left pondering who is the anonymous hate blogger.  You aren't fooling anyone. Just like I told you last July, it's pretty obvious and your fingerprints are all over it.

I'm sorry you are suffering from mental illness. (Emphasis added)  I feel kinda bad for you.  But things don't have to be this way Don, just take your meds every day like the doctors told you and I'm sure you'll be feeling better again soon.

You've written some pretty slanderous stuff, Don.  Now it can all be traced back to you.  How is that going to affect your life, Don? How are people going to be expected to do business with you when it's common knowledge you've been doing this "anonymous" hate blogging for these many months now? (Emphasis added) And how about Bad Mpls? Another slanderous blog attacking folks with lies.  Yeah, pretty cute how the other day "Bad Mpls" was even a guest writer on your IBNN site.

Don, don't you realize you aren't producing the effect you desire? Nobody is believing your crap.  The only reason anyone even goes there is to watch the virtual train wreck that is taking place.  Don, don't you realize you are like the equivalent of a kid at the bus stop having a seizure and pissing on himself? That's why everyone is staring at you Don.  You are virtually pissing your pants and trying to claim you are not. Despite your wet pants and the puddle on the ground. (Emphasis added)

Oh, and before I leave out your friend Jim Watkins, I gotta ask him something.

Jim, how does it feel to be conned by Don Allen? Yeah, conned. Remember, a few months ago, you were bragging about how JHG was so connected and so powerful. How JHG was gonna lay the smack down and the NoMi activists weren't going to know what hit them?  That JHG had all kinds of access to city information and so much leverage to throw around?  Ummmm, yeah. Turns out it's just Don Allen.  LOL.  Sorry,Jim, nice try though.

So in closing, Don, you can carry on your pretenses if you must.  But just know that no one, no one, is fooled. And no one is changing up their game because of you and JHG.

And since you say you are suing me, then I guess I'll see you in court.  Let me know the date.  I'll bring copies of this letter.  It'll be like de ja vu from when Ben tried to sue me. Good times.

-MG  http://nomipassenger.blogspot.com/




First let me comment on her use of the photo and its irony.  The caption reads: Stock photo of dead carolina poisonous snake seems appropriate here


Goodmundson claims in her blog that she and Hoff were sitting outside the court building, presumably for the “poisonous snake” that they’d like to see dead.  Unfortunately she’s not specific who she is alluding to, but the posting is addressed directly to Allen.  Perhaps someone can offer up a logical explanation as to why someone who fears for his safety is hanging around outside with someone who appears to want Allen dead.  This type of intimidation only clarifies why Allen would have taken legal measures against Hoff, et al.



I’ve been anonymously warned to fear for my safety.  The warnings specifically mention the NoMi activists as the reason for caution.  I certainly have no intention of allowing a bully and his henchmen or women, as the case may be, to frighten me into cowering in a darkened room on the Southside.  That’s not going to happen!



Goodmundson makes numerous claims in her blog, including that Allen is “suffering from mental illness”, a claim that I’d love to see substantiated.  Perhaps psychiatric abilities are one of her superhero sidekick powers.  Too bad she doesn’t use them on John.


Then she attempts to undermine Allen’s business associations because of an anonymous blog she seems certain that he operates.  To add more irony to this situation, I must remind readers that the reason why Jerry Moore is suing Hoff is for defamation and tortious interference with a contract.  While I admit I’m not an attorney, tortuous interference with a contract occurs where the defendant ruins or tries to ruin a contractual relationship between the plaintiff and a third party.  To prove tortuous interference with a contract, a plaintiff must show: 


1.      the existence of a contract;

2.      defendant's knowledge of the contract;

3.      defendant's intentional procurement of a breach of the contract;

4.      absence of justification; and

5.      damages caused by the breach.

Kjesbo v. Ricks, 517 N.W.2d 585, 588 (Minn. 1994).


Hoff and company are clearly aware of Allen’s contract with MPS.  If interference with that contract isn’t his goal, how does he explain the meaning behind his February 7th rant on his blog mentioned earlier in this column?



In her February 8th Minneapolis Issues Forum posting chock-full of innuendo about Allen’s contract with MPS, Goodmundson references Sheila Regan’s one-sided puff piece Blog wars, talking babies, and the Minneapolis Public Schools.  According to Goodmundson, Regan attempts to enlighten TC Daily Planet readers on the Don Allen/MPS contract.  She goes on to write:


Someone at MPS says the contract was awarded after Don Allen pitched a proposal to MPS.  So I would imagine that the proposal included some past work that Don Allen has done with his entity "DWRA2"?



I would imagine that this proposal should be publicly available for review, am I right?



And there should be other documentation showing that MPS was actually looking for or in need of video and print advertisements?



What other firms were considered for this "Bring them Back" campaign?



I am sorry, and I don't think I am the only one, but I smell a big rotten fish here.  Why do I get the feeling that MPS isn't really interested in a good media campaign, but rather they are paying Mr. Allen for something else. A payoff.  For what?



Is there something that Don Allen knows that MPS does not want him to write about?



Do they just want to keep this blogger from harassing them so they are giving him some hush money?



Does it have anything to do with the $103,000 contract that MPS had with Al Flowers and Todd Barnes. Supposedly that was paid through the Urban League, and apparently Flowers and Barnes did not deliver what they were supposed to deliver, surprise surprise. According to Don Allen's IBNN website, Flowers was supposed to pay Allen for helping out with something, and Flowers stiffed Allen, surprise surprise.



So is this $15K contract to Allen sort of a payoff from MPS so that Allen won't write about that huge clusterbuck?



At this point, just for the little bit of writing I've done here, I am enduring harassing and threatening emails, voice messages, blog comments that I refuse to publish and anonymous internet harassing for what I have written about Don Allen and his $15K contract. (Emphasis added)  I can also vouch that John Hoff is receiving the same type communications from Don Allen. Allen is also trying to contact both of our respective employers trying to get us in trouble.



According to the TC Daily Planet piece written by Sheila Regan, she writes that Allen also contacted her and offered to place a harassment restraining order against her as well.



This makes me ask "What it is that Don Allen does not want uncovered? What is going on here?"



And even though I am almost starting to worry for my physical safety as well as for John Hoff's safety, I still refuse to be intimidated into silence.(Emphasis added)  I want to know why the MPS chose to fund this contract with DWRA2.



I'd like to see the proposal and the previous products that show DWRA2 is a good value to MPS.



Matter of fact, at first Don Allen was offering, here on the issues list, to be so open and transparent and confident in his work. So what changed his tune?



I believe Don Allen is suspended from this list for a while, so he won't be able to answer my questions, but I know school board members, district

volunteers and probably some staff are reading this, so I expect to see some responses instead of people just cowering in silence.



If this was such a well written proposal with examples of previous work to make MPS confident, then we should be hearing from all of you.  I will not drop this until I get some answers.



Thank you,


Megan G.




Goodmundson would have casual readers believe that suddenly she’s receiving ominous threats that must have originated from her recent disparaging comments regarding Allen and his MPS deal.  I suspect that if the threats are real, they could have originated from any number of people whose personal or professional characters she’s attacked loudly and publically over the last few years.


In the midst of her rambling and innuendo, she confesses that she’s “almost starting to worry for” her and John’s physical safety.  Apparently lurking outside the court with her superhero boyfriend, waiting for a poisonous snake to appear, hasn’t pushed her over the edge yet.  What, pray tell, will it take?



So here is the big question, will John Hoff be able to produce the documentation that Judge Reilly requested? 



Maybe, maybe not.  The following information was forwarded to me: 


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

To whom it may concern,
       SPC John Hoff is currently in Active Drilling status (one weekend a
month and two weeks a year)
but not on Active Duty orders with the Minnesota
Army National Guard.

Drill Dates:
Feb 12-13, M4, BLMN.
Mar 4-6, M6 (FWD); 5-6, M4 (REAR), BLMN.
Apr 8-10, M6 (FWD); 9-10 M4 (REAR), CRTC.
May 16-30, AT, CRTC.
June 11-12, M4, BLMN.
July 23-24, M4, BLMN.
Aug 20-21, M4, BLMN.
Sep 16-18, M5, CRTC

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO


So as this drama unfolds, will we find out that our hero lied to the judge?  The above documentation would indicate a less than rosy outcome for Hoff, but only time will tell.



What will it take for this city to realize that the Sweet Mary Sunshine stories of would-be journalists are nothing more than lazy, one-sided views that bear little resemblance to the truth?



Recently reporters like Shelia Regan of TC Daily Planet and Anna Pratt of Line Media offer up a one-sided view of our little crusader and his enemies, rather then digging to expose the whole story.  Perhaps they would have been better suited to the storyteller's chair at the local public library, surrounded by toddlers with big bright eyes and not much experience at discerning the truth. 



Maybe they might want to get the real story of the person they've chosen to elevate in their stories.  I'm anxious to see if they bother to show up for Hoff’s Thursday court appointment with Lady Justice.  Maybe if they do, they'll see what true objectivity looks like.


Stay tuned for Part 2




-2 #7 Huh? 2011-02-22 14:55
Hey @What?!

Tell me exactly what all the neighborhood bloggers are supposed to be blogging about? There isn't anything to report, the trial hasn't started yet.

Take Amber Lynn's advice and take a chill pill bill.
+2 #6 What?! 2011-02-11 15:20
Why aren't all the neighborhood bloggers reporting on this lawsuit? Before this suit we had City Pages, TCDP and all the usuals bragging for every shred of information out there. To Moore's credit, he remained calm cool and collected.

Now that it is his turn they scatter like cockroaches when a spot light is turned on.

Where are they now? .......Where are they now?

Gone! That is where the cockroaches are. Just wait until the lights go out...they will be back....they always are!
+5 #5 LMAO 2011-02-11 15:02
Ya Whohoo, If John Coward Hoff ever gets called to active duty to go to serve, he'll probably claim he has a COURT HEARING and can't go.

Maybe that's why he wants continuances, he's stalling until his country needs him, then he'll chicken out.
+6 #4 Whohoo! 2011-02-11 10:49
I'm sure if John Hoff ever is activated he'll try legal stuff to try and get out of the deployment.
+10 #3 Sgt. Hartman 2011-02-10 22:47
Let me make sure I read this correctly.
John Willard Hoff of Minneapolis is a soldier in the National Guard. John Willard Hoff who is a soldier in the legendary 34th Red Bulls infantry division is really such a pussy boy that he is afraid to walk to the elevator unescorted, and needs a deputy sheriff to hold his hand.
Are you serious? What can John Hoff possibly be afraid of? Is he afraid that somebody might call him a name? Is he afraid that someone might make a face at him?
If John Willard Hoff, the National Guard soldier is afraid to walk past reporters without an escort we can only imagine what cowardice he will display if he ever had to go into any kind of battle.
What kind of soldier is such a wus that he needs his girlfriend to make sure the coast is clear for him to walk to his car.
John Willard Hoff is a disgrace to every American that has worn an armed forces uniform. I can even think of some Girl Scouts that are far more impressive than John Hoff will ever be.
His fellow soldiers should know what kind of pussy boy that have allowed to join the National Guard because John Hoff doesn’t have the balls to be a Red Bull.
His name should be John Coward Hoff, pussy boy 1st class.
+4 #2 Jordan Hawkman 2011-02-10 20:06
Terry you hit the HEAD with a NAIL! Kill shot!
+7 #1 Whoohoo! 2011-02-10 18:28
This is the best story i've read on this site to date. Thanks the detail is excellent, can't wait to read part 2. Please post this to e-democracy so they can see another side.

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